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Carrier Trail due to deliver the package on July 1st

carrier trail retro adventure due to deliver the package on july 1st for linux mac windows pc

Carrier Trail retro adventure due to deliver the package on July 1st for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to indie game developer CrackedGhostGames. Coming to Steam this week.

Since developer CrackedGhostGames is eager to announce the July 1st release date. Due to debut Carrier Trail, a modern spoof on the classic adventure game of Oregon Trail. That is also a popular educational title cherished and remembered from the golden days of gaming in the 80’s. In the original game, you have the challenge of playing the role of a wagon leader. Guiding a party of settlers from Missouri to Oregon.

Carrier Trail (Short Trailer)

This is no ordinary game; far from it. Since Carrier Trail will make you laugh and laugh a lot! Your challenge, should you accept it, is to embark on a quest to Dewshield. Since you have the task of delivering a package to the royal family. Visit landmarks, towns and other locations in search of supplies. Likewise, each gameplay session is unique. So you will never play the same game twice.

Carrier Trail is a modern fantasy RPG with the look and feel of the Nintendo Game Boy. And even uses a similar palette. The game also offers a massive, hand-drawn overworld 8,176 pixels wide. Similarly, each pixel is placed in a specific area. While creating a minimal yet beautiful overworld for you to admire on your journey. Carrier Trail is for players of all ages and experience levels. Those of you looking for a hilarious choose your own adventure type of game. One that certianly has limitless dept and replay value.


  • A freakin’ massive overworld!
  • 100s of choose-your-own-adventure style events!
  • 1000s of experiences!
  • Infinite replayability! Hours of entertainment await!
  • A catchy soundtrack that forces you to hum at work!
  • Lots o’ laughs in Carrier Trail!
  • Work for sketchy folk or hard honest working citizens!
  • Boss fights!
  • Amazing events crafted by some incredible DMs!
  • Rabid cacti ambushes!

Carrier Trail retro adventure is coming to Steam and pays homage to its ancestor. So that fans of the series will instantly feel at home. Due to deliver the package on July 1st via Linux, Mac and Windows PC. No price is available yet though.

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