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Casebook 1899 campaign Demo gets native port

casebook 1899 - the leipzig murders game demo native support for linux with mac windows pc kickstarter

Casebook 1899 – The Leipzig Murders game Demo gets native support for Linux with Mac and Windows PC. All thanks to the commitment and efforts of developer Homo Narrans Studio. Which is available on both Steam and itch.

Solo game developer Homo Narrans Studio Kickstarter Campaign is now 60 % funded. Due to fund the retro point and click game, Casebook 1899 – The Leipzig Murders. An adventure game with unique gameplay mechanics. Control detective Joseph Kreiser, who examines objects, questions witnesses and interrogates suspects in the Demo.

In Casebook 1899 – The Leipzig Murders, there are multiple endings to each case. Since your success or failure is up to your detective skills. While you combine the collected clues in the notebook. And also decide which clues will lead to the culprit in the “mind palace like” Logic sheet.

Casebook 1899 – The Leipzig Murders Kickstarter Trailer:

A free-to-play Demo of Casebook 1899 – The Leipzig Murders is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC and Mac. The demo version also include the entire first of four cases to be solved.

The full version of Casebook 1899 – The Leipzig Murders is due to release at the end of 2023. Which will be releasing for Steam. while including both German and English texts. To bring the characters to life, they will be voiced in German by professional voice actors. While each case has multiple endings, but only one of them will convict the real culprit. The success or failure of the search depends directly on your skills as a police officer. A sharp eye and an alert mind are also your strongest weapons in the fight against crime.


  • Classic Point-And-Click Adventure
  • Setting puzzles and inventory
  • Witness interviews and dialogue options
  • Combine clues in the notebook to draw new conclusions
  • No game-over screen in Casebook 1899 – The Leipzig Murders
  • Multiple endings for each case. Wether you arrest the right suspect depends on your skills
  • Complete German voice over
  • Subtitles in German and English
  • Find clues and interrogate witnesses in carefully researched historical locations
  • Focus on dialogue and interaction

Casebook 1899 – The Leipzig Murders retro point and click game Demo gets native support for Linux. Along with the builds for Mac and Windows PC. Which you can play on both Steam and itch. Then check out the crowdfunding campaign.

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