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CASTILLO: Shattered Mirrors shooter hits Steam

castillo: shattered mirrors first-person shooter hits steam on linux mac windows pc

CASTILLO: Shattered Mirrors first-person shooter game hits Steam on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the efforts and work of developer Jackson Clayton. Available now on Steam with a discount.

Jackson Clayton releases CASTILLO: Shattered Mirrors. Where gameplay explores different apocalypses through Dracula’s hub castle. Doing so as you collect crystal shards to open up new areas of his castle. Taking on a first-person shooter that combines frantic fighting. Which is also an open-world hub quest similar to that of late 90’s 3D platformers.

CASTILLO: Shattered Mirrors – Official Gameplay Trailer

So, the story behind the game, your supernatural search goes a bit too far. All while you come across Dracula’s castle and discover his realm hopping plan of multiversal control. As a result, you will battle your way through different apocalyptic realm. Fight hordes of monsters and find crystal shards. In CASTILLO: Shattered Mirrors these shards also open up new areas of Dracula’s castle.

Key Features:

  • Open ended hub world, explore Dracula’s castle, and open up portals to ruined realm.
  • Fast paced action, while you fight a range of different enemies
  • 11 weapons, kill monsters with different unique weapons through your dangerous journey.
  • Over 60 levels, filled with action packed combat a unique story.
  • 15 different worlds to explore and recover crystal shards in space stations. Empty snow research bases, spooky forests, and more
  • Choose which levels to play in any order. You have the freedom to pick from a range of worlds to complete in the hub world.

CASTILLO: Shattered Mirrors game has received big updates since its original release on With some major updates releasing free updates to all and GameJolt players on the same day.

CASTILLO: Shattered Mirrors first-person shooter will have you battle armies of the undead. All while on your quest to defeat Dracula with a range of mythic weaponry. As you enter realm gates through Dracula’s castle. Which is already out on Steam across Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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