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CATHEDRAL 3-D developer still aims at support

cathedral 3-d developer still aims at support in linux gaming mac with windows pc

CATHEDRAL 3-D developer still aims at support for Linux gaming, Mac with Windows PC. Thanks to formal details from developer Unfinished Games. The game is available on Steam with decent reviews.

This is the most recent news. Unfinished are now introducing some new features for the endless arena survival. Since Cathedral 3-D is working on making holiday vacations a real bloodbath. Offering up melee, gibbing, and the chest can also crush enemies. And of course, the addition of more blood and decals.

CATHEDRAL 3-D – Gameplay Overview Trailer

There are also few more things that come with this Cathedral 3-D update. Spoiler, these focus more on fixes and performance improvements. While including minor details, like the game version showing in the replay. Plus, players can now throw enemies. Launching them off the map. It looks hilarious too. Check out the patch notes on Steam as well as the gifs.

With that in mind, the following is a non-exhaustive list of things that are in the works. And that will be added with future updates:

  • New maps
  • Plus new game modes
  • New Cathedral 3-D enemies
  • Full Mac and Linux support
  • An external leaderboard
  • More achievements
  • Steam trading cards and other flairs
  • Key bindings and other accessibility options
  • An endless list of technical improvements and fixes

Why the delay for Linux support?

CATHEDRAL 3-D is a unique game. However, developer Unfinished Games are not really making money off the game yet. As a result, like all of us, they still have to pay bills. Therefore, have no choice but to arrange their daily jobs. Which further delays support in Linux gaming as well as Mac. But it’s certainly a pleasure to see a build still in the plans.

Gameplay is fast-paced, arcade style, single-player, with an endless arena. CATHEDRAL 3-D takes inspiration frome early 3-D shooters of the 90’s. Which is also reflected in the art style. While you play as a Monster, who is both powerful and an incredibly agile beast. Who comes armed with a fiery breath. Your lair is a cathedral floating in the sky with hides a chest containing your heart. Likewise, the humans want you dead. So they are coming in endless hordes to destroy you and your chest.


  • Unique gameplay focused around protecting the chest.
  • Super-fluid movement system with double jumps, strafing, rocket jumping and shotgun flying.
  • Three attack types in Cathedral 3-D. They are rapid-fire, cluster shot, firebombs.
  • Additional special abilities to unlock by surviving long enough.
  • A leaderboard that allows you to compete with other players around the world.
  • Custom game engine with a 90s-games-style rasterized look with unfiltered textures and jagged animations.
  • Handcrafted graphics and sounds.
  • Localized in 12 languages.

CATHEDRAL 3-D endless arena developer still aims at support. The game is available on Steam priced at $4.99 USD / £3.99 / £3.99. With plans for Linux gaming and Mac builds beside Windows PC.

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