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Cat’s Request, point, click, solve mysteries

cat's request is a fantastic point and click detective game available on both linux and windows pc

Cat’s Request is a fantastic point and click detective game available on both Linux and Windows PC. All thanks to the incredible team at BOV for crafting such a masterpiece. Releasing on Steam with 100% Very Positive Reviews.

The adventure starts off with a space-faring cat detective with a tech-savvy sidekick. Letting you dive into Cat’s Request, where you’ll find yourself wrapped up in a gripping tale in a bustling metropolis. One that’s also managed almost entirely by advanced artificial intelligence.

In Cat’s Request you will step into the role of Ash, an extraterrestrial cat. With sleek fur and a keen sense of mischief, Ash isn’t your average feline. Ash lives a relatively casual life, teaming up with a virtual assistant – a digital AI companion. One that is always ready to help out with advice, tools, or just a good conversation.

However, the twist in Cat’s Request comes when with a sudden disruption. A computer virus is on the loose, and it threatens every single thinking program in the city. That means Ash has to swap his lazy afternoons for the hat and coat of a detective.

Now, here’s where it gets deep. As you navigate the Cat’s Request story, you can switch between controlling Ash and his virtual sidekick. Both have their own unique strengths, and certain areas or challenges can only be tackled by one of them. It’s a bit like a tag-team – while one explores a high-tech building, the other might dive into the digital realm.

Cat’s Request Trailer

Your decisions matter. You can undertake tasks, some of them for rewards, and even craft items using a special generator. And remember, just like in real life, keeping an eye on your mental well-being is crucial. Ash and his assistant are not just about running and jumping; they have emotions and can also feel the weight of the situation.

You’d think the main goal is just to catch that virus. Well, there’s also more to it. As you dig deeper into the Cat’s Request story, you’ll realize there’s a bigger story at play. What’s really happening behind the scenes? Who’s pulling the strings?

In Cat’s Request , you’re not just mindlessly tapping buttons or watching cut scenes. You’re actively piecing together a puzzle, working hand in hand with your virtual assistant. While diving headfirst into a world of intrigue and mystery.

Cat’s Request is a captivating cyberpunk-themed game in unique point and click detective adventure. While mixing detective mysteries with puzzles, cute visuals, smooth gameplay, and well-designed levels that increase in difficulty. With a mix of magic, chaos, and investigative elements, players take on a memorable journey to unravel a digital world mystery. Suitable for cat fans, puzzle lovers, and those seeking a fresh gaming experience. It’s a highly recommended, glitch-free game for Linux that offers hours of entertainment.

A shout out and thank you to Tatu from Linux Sauna, join the community on Telegram.

To sum it up, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player, Cat’s Request offers an engaging journey. Offering a story that’s full of adventure, futuristic tech, and topping it off with a dose of sass. This point and click detective title is available on Steam for Linux and Windows PC. Priced at only $6.99 USD / £5.89 / 6,89€. Plus you can also play native Demo, before you buy.

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