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Cave-Flyer and space adventure Retrobooster landing on Steam July 11th

The visually spectacular, skill-testing Retrobooster is heading to Steam this Friday, July 11th. Set at “1980s difficulty,” Retrobooster takes the #challenging, dexterity-based #gameplay of classic cave-flyers and thrust ship games and mashes it up with the action and thrills of modern day bullet hells and action-packed space games.

Still a battle of precision, a highly difficult game that folks with the need to master controls down to the most minute details will love, but it commands this kind of old school accuracy while still looking and feeling great.

  • Classic thrust ship controls that are challenging to master
  • 30+ levels to unlock
  • 4 skill levels
  • Single player or up to 4 players split-screen
  • Cooperative and deathmatch multiplayer modes
  • Control with keyboard, mouse and keyboard, or game controller
  • Find weapons and power-ups to increase your lethality
  • Unlimited fuel (no dying just because you run out of gas)
  • Electronic soundtrack by Subatomicglue frontman, Kevin Meinert

Retrobooster will be available to purchase for $17.99 on Steam for both Windows and Linux. You can also buy the game for the same price from its official website, DRM-free. Pay an extra three bucks, and receive the game’s soundtrack as well.


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