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Cavern Kings infinite action platformer on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


An endless and explosive game about digging your own grave. Cavern Kings is an infinite action #platformer designed to make every playthrough unique and interesting. Which is why the titles is looking for your vote on #Greenlight and not just due to Cavern Kings being  inspired by Super Crate Box and Risk of Rain, in which there are spinning blades to dodge, giant worms to defeat, and a destructible floor to tunnel into deeper and deeper.

Cavern Kings infinite action platformer for linux mac windows pc

There’s a trailer below that appropriately sells its simple charms, and a download link for a public beta. It’s on Kickstarter too, though already almost halfway towards its minor $2,500 goal.

[kickstarter url= width=”480″]

The Kickstarter page is similarly straightforward, bulletpointing the game’s features: four playable characters, randomized terrain and monsters, powerups which stack infinitely. The developer estimates that the game is already 80% complete, but the Kickstarter money will be used to pay for music and art by other people. There’s also mention of stretch goals, though none are yet detailed on the Kickstarter page.

As always, the best thing: there’s a public beta you can play now. Its feels are a little shy of Vlambeery, but it’s energetic and varied. Run it fullscreen, lest your frantic clicking cause you to repeatedly unfocus the window and die. I learned this the hard way.

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