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Cefore physics-based puzzler on Kickstarter

cefore physics-based puzzler on kickstarter for linux mac windows games 2017

Cefore is a physics-based puzzler crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The games coming to Linux, Mac and Windows in 2018. Created using an abstract simplistic art style. Players are have a contract to bring down different structures. While doing so in the most creative ways possible. The whole ideal is to try not to cause too much destruction. Yet the whole concept of the gameplay has our attention. Not just for Linux support, but also for the physics creativity. Also, this all or nothing campaign. So Cefore is only 15% funded, with a funding goal of $25,000 CAD. Which ends on November 18, 2017. And we do have formal confirmation from Pixelz Games, “yes Linux confirmed.” Also listed at the tale end of the Kickstarter video.

In Cefore players control Baro. An intergalactic contractor in charge of gathering data on different planets. So, by using different tools. Such as explosive charges, grapples, hot air balloons and several others. It’s the players job to destroy the environment and gather what you need.

So the goal of the game is to collect valuable data. Since it is scattered throughout the galaxy. You are given a set of tools and a budget to extract it. Therefore it’s up to you to decide how you spend your budget. Which looks rather interesting and familiar.

Cefore Kickstarter Trailer:

Cefore Features:

  • Visit 4 different uniquely themed planets with your ship.
  • Destructible environment. Almost everything in the environment has a physics affect.
  • Over 14 different tools to destroy and manipulate the environment. Use the tools you want, the way you want and get creative destroying the structures.
  • Character customization. Unlock different skins and hats for your character.
  • Over 45 unique and challenging levels.
  • Fly around with your jet-pack.

The setting for Cefore reminds me of Besiege. While the destructive aspect looks really intriguing. I have to admit, I want to blow stuff up.

Cefore has about two weeks left in the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The games release will indeed support Linux, Mac and Windows. Since the campaign ends on November 18, 2017.

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