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In Celebration of Violence launches on Steam

in celebration of violence launches on steam for linux mac windows

In Celebration of Violence gets a fully launches on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games finally hit version 1.0 after spending almost two years on Early Access.

Since the games is a fantasy action roguelike of exploration and murder. Meaning, the methodical combat requires that you plan your attacks. Also the same goes with dodging, blocking and parries. While considering your opponents and the environment.
Death is permanent but you can improve your stats. Purchase items to aid future lives. ​

Large, procedurally generated and interconnected lands range from plains, to swamps, to cities, to dungeons. These lands offer multiple paths to reach the variety of final bosses. Dungeons are a dangerous but rewarding risk. In dungeons you will have to move slowly and be on the lookout for traps and secrets while searching for the exit.

In Celebration of Violence Trailer launches (Linux, Mac, Windows)

In Celebration of Violence Features:

  • Deliberate, methodical combat. Every attack is meaningful; every dodge and parry is crucial.
  • Large procedurally generated and interconnected areas that encourage exploration. Wide open plains, dense forests, cramped dungeons, caves, towns, castles, even mazes.
  • A huge amount of variety between characters, weapons, items, magic, and enhancements. The rules of gameplay, the AI, how the player interacts with the world can all change dramatically over the course of one playthrough.
  • Imbalanced. The world does not bend to accommodate you. A conscious lack of normalized stability forces players to plan their trek and consider their battles.
  • An air of mystery covers everything from game mechanics to lore. Achievements and unlockables are only hinted at through snippets of text discovered while exploring.
  • A strong emphasis on risk versus reward gameplay. Every decision is your own responsibility and opening one door may close another.

Scores of weapons, items, spells, and mementos are scattered throughout the world to find. One may acquire a powerful enchanted ballista early into one life. Only for the next to yield nothing more than a couple of wooden clubs.

Unforeseen obstacles will need to be dealt with in real time. So even a regular enemy will be deadly if you’re not careful.
To reach the end, players will need to show they can consistently overcome these obstacles. Failure can halt or even reverse progress.

Full release Launches on Steam:

In Celebration of Violence is on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games reasonably priced at ​$7.99 USD, but comes with a 25% discount until February 22nd.

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