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Celestial Crossing intriguing visual novel launches – Linux, Mac, PC

celestial crossing visual novel launches linux mac pc

While visual novels are typically not our thing. Celestial Crossing just #released on Steam with a 25% discount. #Available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.
So a bit of a warning, there seems to be a possibility of #nudity. Let alone some rather busty female characters. While this could be a thing for some people. Hey, we’re not judging.

The characters we create in games are fascinating. They are often a projection of our power fantasies.
If you consider yourself weak, you often create a strong character. If you think you are dumb, you will create a wise and intelligent character.
They represent traits that we don’t have, but wish we had.
Often they are our polar opposite. Good people get to be bad, and shy people get to be courageous.

So what would happen if you came face to face with your in-game alter ego?
Do you think you would get along? Would you like each other? Or would you not stand the sight of each other?

Welcome to Celestial Crossing

In this visual novel you play as Hikaru, a high school student who sleeps all day and plays his favorite game all night.

Though one day trough a series of events he does not yet understand, these two worlds collide and his in-game avatar is now standing in his bedroom. He will now have to learn how to live with Nerith, a barbaric elven warlock who does not understand civilized concepts such as laws, morals, or pants…

Celestial Crossing is available now on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC with a 25% discount. This deal ends on January 4th, so if you want there experience, now is the time.


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