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Cendric platformer and RPG releases on Steam

cendric platformer and rpg releases on steam in linux mac windows games

Cendric combines RPG and Platformer elements releases on Linux, Mac and Windows. The games available now on Steam. Which also features both a sidescroller and a top-down view. Since the player gets to follow the story of a boy with no memory. While he discovers the magical but dangerous world of Admantris.

Cendric RPG platformer Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Cendric moves through the world on a 2D map. While interacting with NPC’s to trade or accept quests. At many places, he can enter levels in which he fights enemies. Also collecting items or completing tricky platforming challenges.
To accomplish all of this, the player can master various spells. Since these comes from different classes of magic. Each one can alter the Jump ‘n Run experience or help to defeat enemies.


  • Interactive Levels: Some of Cendric’s spells affect the levels and change his surroundings in the levels.
  • Modifiable Spells: All spells can be modified using gems to make them stronger or behave in new ways.
  • Special Effects: The game contains particle effects, a water simulation and simple lighting.
  • Localization: All texts in the game are available in English, German, Swiss German and Spanish (coming soon!).
  • Parallax: The game uses parallax scrolling.


  • Different spells let you modify your environment
  • Spells can be upgraded and modified
  • 3 different guilds to join with unique equipment and spells
  • Over 50 handmade levels and maps
  • Lots of items and quests
  • Over 80 NPCs with unique dialogues
  • Platforming and spell puzzles
  • Reputation system
  • Live combat system
  • Challenging difficulty
  • ~10 hours of playtime
  • ~1h of awesome original soundtrack

So watching the gameplay above. The art reminds me of Terraria. While the play-style blends Dead Cells with the coming release, FOX n FORESTS. The obstacle aspect adds a unique feature. Not only will this keep the player thinking. But also making the gameplay more progressive.

Cendric releases on Steam:

Since the platformer RPG is available now on Steam, priced at $9.99 plus a 10% launch week discount until March 9th. The game releases with on Linux, Mac and Windows.

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