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CES: Monster Takes Gaming to a New Level

Monster had an incredible press conference for CES, but the booth was an attraction all its own. The company is well known for its high quality cables and other accessories that enhance your theater experience.

At CES 2012 Monster debuted a few high quality line of products:

Monster showcased its new line of SD and MicroSD cards memory cards for every day use. The MicroSD caps at 16GB and can withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure for longer lasting life. The SD Card reaches up to 128GB and is waterproof (for up to 30 mins). It can withstand impact force, and best of all, has magnetic resistance to avoid any data loss.

Both memory cards are class 10, which are great for photographers and anyone who needs a high quality SD card.

Not wanting to leave out people who use Compact Flash, Monster also has a high quality CF card ranging from 16GB to 128GB that includes all the same protection the SD card offers, along with 800x broadcast quality for impressive burst rates and fast read/write ability.

One big surprise was the addition of 2 different types of Solid State Drives.

This year alone multiple companies are releasing SSDs all over the market, since customers want to improve their PC’s performance. Monster, not to be outdone, will be releasing a SATA II/SATA III compliant Drive available in 80, 120, 240 and 400GB versions, and WINDOWS, LINUX, and MAC OSX compatible. Monster will also be releasing a Hybrid Model in 500GB and 750GB models.

But out of everything I saw at the Monster booth, one item took me by surprise, The Monster Game T1 Headset.

Along with a slick design, these babies are made for your gaming consoles and PC to give you a full Surround Sound experience. The consoles take great advantage of the headphone. It’s also compatible with your mobile devices and handheld systems. Playing some Uncharted VITA with the T1 allowed me to hear a more detailed background sound and bullet effects. It’s a pity that I couldn’t keep them.

Here’s the Tron-inspired design that lights up near the ear cups…I want one.

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