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Chaos new FPS takes you to another world

chaos new fps game takes you to another world on linux and windows pc

Chaos is an FPS game that takes you to another world on Windows PC, but also on Linux. Thanks to developer twrelectronics. Who are getting ready to release the game on Steam soon.

Linux Support:

Chaos is made on unreal engine 4. Right now we are doing some final polishing work before release. The initial release targets windows. But I do have plans for supporting Linux. Whether or not the Linux build makes it into the aug 29th release I cant say yet for certain. But it will be coming a short time later if it does not.

This is the email reply from twrelectronics. Which is encouraging to already see Linux support in consideration. Whether we see a day one release will depend on development. But it’s a pleasure to see a developer a step ahead.

The Story

Since your home world is facing destruction in Chaos. Many have gone to this new planet. None were ever heard from again. For this reason you go with your brother. But things turn to chaos as your ship crashes upon entry.

Along your other worldly adventure you will find out what caused you to crash. Then find out what happened to your brother. Will you be able to solve the problems of this new planet? And also save your civilization from destruction back home?

Chaos Official Trailer

Chaos is a unique an trippy FPS game. Similarly the trailer does give you a solid perspective. And at one point you are on a raft, floating down a river. Another teleporting to a mountain on a rainbow. Do you have to buckle up your chair before playing?

Chaos Features:

  • Full story campaign mode
  • Chaos for Windows PC, then Linux
  • Full controller support
  • Open World first person game, no loading screens
  • Opening cinematic
  • Thermal vision
  • player teleportation abilities
  • All custom textures and 10 custom alien creatures. All with different abilities 3-D directional sound effects. Custom soundtrack by Vic Freeman

Chaos FPS is due to release on August 29th via Steam. We may also have a day one Linux release.

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