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Chapter 3 releases free for the FoxTail adventure

chapter 3 releases free for the foxTail adventure on linux mac windows pc

Chapter 3 releases free for the FoxTail adventure on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. All thanks to developer Gingertips Game Studio. Now out for all players that own the game on Steam and GOG.

Gingertips studio releases the launch trailer for Chapter 3. While adding more content to their point-and-click adventure FoxTail. The new part of Leah the fox’s story is out now on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Along with the game’s official soundtrack. And those who purchased FoxTail before will get Chapter 3. And also all the next ones for free.

FoxTail is a classic point-and-click quest. Taking inspiration from the adventure games of the mid-‘90s. With a design that certainly brings back those sweet childhood memories. Where the summer break has just started. You can hang out and watche the sunrise. Breathing the cool morning air. While the world around breathes a life full of secrets.

FoxTail – Chapter 3 Trailer


  • Complex and variable tasks: the world of FoxTail triggers player’s imagination and gives an opportunity to solve problems in different, but equal in complexity ways.
  • A charming story: echoing the leisurely rhythm of the old school adventures. The Chapter 3 story is still colorful and impressive, but never boring.
  • Characters and their stories: every character in the game has his own life, in which the player will have to take part, one way or another.

Along with Chapter 3, the FoxTail soundtrack also makes a debut today. – an album with 24 tracks will include music from Chapters 1–3, and it will be updated with each new chapter. It will be available for purchase on Steam, GOG, Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Google Music, and for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Google Music, VK, Boom, Amazon Music, and Pandora TV.

The game is developed by an independent studio Gingertips. Priced at $9.99 USD on Steam and GOG. FoxTail is in Early Access now on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Since this is only Chapter 3, full game will consist of 8 chapters.

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