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Charlie’s Games Holiday Special – Scoregasm

Christmas special for this year: Scoregasm for $1! Actually, you can add a tip if you feel like paying more, but you know, no pressure.

This Christmas/NewYears special offer is happening between now and the 2nd of January 2013.

So that’s about 90% off! For your dollar, you’ll get a copy of the game forWindowsMac and Linux(32bit), as well as a Steam key to activate the game on there too. The Steam key will work for Mac and Windows only at present, but the Linux version should be available there early in the new year.

You can also buy a copy as a gift for a friend using the checkbox on the payment widget.

Scoregasm even won the arcade game of the year last December, so if you do decide to grab a copy i’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

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