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‘ChatChat’ is a chat room/multiplayer cat simulator

ChatChat, as noted already, is pretty simple: you’re a cat, and you get to interact with other people online, who are also cats. In many ways, it boils the internet as a whole down to its barest and most honest essentials.

The thing looks and feels pretty spartan, and it most certainly is. Though there are some basic actions; typing in the words “meow”, “purr”, “screech”, and “nap” will have your pixelated kitty cat self perform rather obvious actions. Just make sure to have “/” before each command.

You can also run around the environment, which is broken up into various rooms, including your front yard, the forest, a secret cave, and up a tree.

There’s a mouse to catch, plus the ability to turn into a dog temporarily, as part of the game’s take on tag. Otherwise, it’s just about sitting there, looking stupid, making cute noises, and/or sleeping. Just like the real things!

It can be played by following this link. Perfect for blowing a few minutes, here and there, at work, or an entire day if you’re unemployed!

BTW, the game is by Terry Cavanagh, an indie game developer who is mostly known for VVVVVV. And it’s premise is pretty simple as well: get to the other side, and don’t die…


VVVVVV is available for PC, Mac, and even Linux. Plus it recently came out for the 3DS as well.

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