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Chessarama a unique opportunity for Linux

chessarama chess-inspired games present a unique opportunity for linux with windows pc

Chessarama chess-inspired games present a unique opportunity for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer Minimol Games. Which is due to makes its way onto Steam in 2023.

Chessarama is a collection of original chess-inspired turn-based games. Choose a game, quickly learn its rules and play through the campaigns. Playing community levels or building your own puzzles. Featuring several full games, each one of them with its own set of rules, art, pieces, and game mechanics.

“…our mission with this game is to make it as accessible as possible. We would love to have a Linux version in the future, but it depends solely on the interest of the Linux community.”

Minimol Games also goes on to share further details for the Unity 3D game. Asking the Linux community to share Chessarama. The developers also recognize the use of Steam data shows how many Wishlists come from each platform. So they want to have a good number of Linux users Wishlist the game on Steam. Since this is the best metric to promote porting in the future.

Chessarama – Official Announcement Teaser

Each Chessarama game will feature a Creative Mode. Due to allow you to create your own puzzles and challenge other players to beat it.

In the Community Hub, you will be able to play hundreds (thousands?!) of levels created by other players. Endless replayability and fun await you.

Chessarama reimagines chess rules and mechanics using many different themes. Each game has its own theme, set of rules and original handcrafted levels for you to play!

Want a sneak peak on some of those games? Awesome! Let us take a look at some of the Chessarama games:

What if… chess pieces were high-fantasy heroes fighting a mighty Dragon?

In Dragon Slayer, you need to push your pawn to the end of a path in order to kill the mighty dragon. But it will not be that easy! The dragon attacks the board every time the pawn moves and every undefended piece will die. So you need the help of your friends (Rooks, Bishops and Knights) to protect your pawn all along the way to the dragon’s core. This is a strategic Chessarama game for chess enthusiasts of all levels. Sacrifices will be necessary along the way, so be ready!

What if… chess pieces were samurais fighting a legendary Ronin in feudal Japan?

In Lady Ronin, chess meets sokoban as you have never seen before. You play with a legendary Ronin (a chess queen) and you need to eliminate the other pieces in order to get close to the Shogun and kill it. Pieces move like in chess, but push each other like in sokoban. Can you pass through legions of samurais to achieve your Chessarama goal?

What if… the chess board was a soccer field and chess pieces strive not for checkmate, but for goals?

In Soccer Chess you will play a soccer match using chess pieces and tactics! As in chess (or soccer!) you will need to think 2-3 moves ahead if you want to break through the adversary’s defenses and strike a beautiful goal!

What if chess could be reinvented over and over again?

Well, it can. It will.
This is just the beginning.

What Chessarama offers:

  • Play all original and exclusive chess-inspired games available in Chessarama;
  • Learn and practice many chess skills: strategic thinking, tactics, visualization, grid geometry and much more;
  • Create your own puzzles and challenge other players to solve it;
  • Unique art style, with beautiful dioramas;
  • High replay value – An always growing library of community levels for you to play.
  • Learn chess movements, tactics and strategies through a modern videogame experience.

Chessarama chess-inspired games is being developed by a small studio from Brazil. Due to launch the game in Q2 2023 on Steam. So be sure to Wishlist for Linux support along with Windows PC.

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