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Chessarama strategies are due to hit Proton

chessarama chess-like puzzle and strategy games due to run on linux and steam deck via proton with windows pc

Chessarama chess-like puzzle and strategy games due to run on Linux and Steam Deck via Proton with Windows PC. Exciting new insights have been revealed by Minimol Games, the creative minds behind the upcoming release. Due to make its way onto Steam next month.

Chessarama is a fresh take on chess, created by Minimol and SMG Studio. This isn’t your usual chess experience; it’s launching on December 5th. Due to also offering Proton support.

The game will run on Steam Deck perfectly, though. That part came without extra work.

At launch, Minimol is focusing on cost efficiency for their small team, will initially release Chessarama only on Windows, with plans to expand to Linux and Mac if there’s enough demand. Likewise, Unity 3D is being used for development.

There’s a also chance to win a special chess board autographed by famous chess figures like Magnus Carlsen and others.
To enter the giveaway, there are ten ways to take part, including Wishlisting or pre-ordering the game. Also follow the developer on Twitter, join Discord, or sign up for its newsletter. You can find all the details on Plus, winners get a Chessarama Steam key.

Now, let’s dive into what makes Chessarama stand out. It’s a collection of single-player chess-like puzzle and strategy titles that twists the traditional chess rules in unique ways. Each has its own theme and challenges, making it a fresh experience every time you play. You’re not just moving pieces around; you’re engaging in different scenarios and strategies.

Chessarama | Release Date Reveal

For example, in “Dragon Slayer,” your goal is to maneuver a pawn across the board to defeat a dragon while avoiding its attacks. In “Lady Ronin,” set in feudal Japan, you use the Queen to strategically eliminate other pieces and target the Shogun. And in “Soccer Chess,” it’s all about positioning your pieces to score goals. Each of these and more offers unique puzzles to solve. The best part is the variety and depth. You get to play through over 100 levels and face 100+ unique challenges. There are 24 special chess figures to collect, each with a unique look. The design is stunning, featuring beautiful dioramas that bring each theme to life.

Chessarama isn’t just about fun; it’s a learning tool too. Since you’ll pick up different chess movements, tactics, and strategies as you play. It’s a modern twist on learning chess. Plus, for those who appreciate the classics, there’s “Classic Chess” to test your skills.

With daily and weekly challenges and a leaderboard to climb, Chessarama promises endless hours of engaging play. Whether you’re new to chess or a seasoned player, the chess-like puzzle and strategy has something for everyone. So, gear up to explore the world on December 5th! It’s not just a game; it’s a whole new way to experience chess. Due to run on Linux and Steam Deck via Proton with Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist it on Steam.