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Chester’s Revenge fast-paced action is live

chester’s revenge fast-paced action game is live on linux and windows pc but playable

Chester’s Revenge fast-paced action game is live on Windows PC but playable on Linux. All due to the work and creativity of developer Wojo Studios. Which is currently available now via Steam.

Bonus Stage Publishing announced the Chester’s Revenge  boss-run game demo by Wojo Studios, is now available for a limited time. Doing so through the request form on Steam.

As stated previously, Chester’s Revenge is coming to Linux. However, the game Demo is only available for Windows PC. BUT, it plays quite well on Linux via Proton.

Chester’s Revenge is a rather impressive heart-pumping, fast-paced action game. One that is also inspired by old and modern classics. Games such as Cuphead, Mega Man, and Metal Slug.

Chester’s Revenge: The Official Announcement Trailer

Play as Chester, a smart-mouthed guinea pig with an attitude. One who is also hell-bent on a quest for revenge against the murderous thief: Rad Ralph.


  • An action-packed 2d retro shooter.
  • Beautiful retro pixel art.
  • Rockin 8-bit Chiptune Soundtrack.
  • Vibrant Voice Acting.
  • Eight beautifully crafted platformer levels.
  • Intense multi-phase boss encounters.

Chester’s Revenge is a heart-pumping, fast-paced action game. One that is also reminisent of old and modern classics. By combining their love of retro games, cheesy 80’s action heroes, and challenging multi-phase boss encounters. Wojo Studios has created fresh unique gameplay. The likes of which has never been seen before.

As you take control of Chester you avenge your herd and set out to retrieve the Sacred Carrot. Armed only with his trusty hand cannon, Chester must battle his way through Rad Ralph’s lieutenants. Doing so in an over-the-top style revenge romp to reclaim the Carrot and stop Rad Ralph from world control.

Play Chester’s Revenge fast-paced action Demo is already available. But only out for a limited time. So if you want to play the Windows PC build on Linux, do it before it is even released, fill out the form. Also, be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam too.