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Chester’s Revenge side scrolling action to get a port

chester's revenge side scrolling action 2d shooter is due to get a port for linux with windows pc

Chester’s Revenge side scrolling 2D shooter action is due to get a port for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Wojo Studios. Which is available to Wishlist on Steam.

Power corrupts. Sacred carrot corrupts. Rad Ralph stole the Sacred carrot and now it is up to Chester to revenge. All while he works to get the Sacred carrot back. The Chester’s Revenge backstory for this retrotastic platformer is epic indeed. But the game is not only due to arrive on Windows PC, but also on Linux. According to the email from Wojo Studios.

We are pleased to say the game will be in fact coming to Linux!

While this good news for Chester’s Revenge. It’s actually developed in Game Maker Studio. Which works for Ubuntu but may work with all distro’s. If not, Game Maker Studio titles usually have great Proton support.
But oddly enough, Linux support is also listed on the games Itch page as well.

Chester’s Revenge is due to launch in late 2022/early 2023. First coming to Kickstarter soon, so be sure to follow the page. While you get ready for a retrotastic platformer about an adventure of Chester. Essentially a guinea pig who is looking for revenge. Rad Ralph was a beautiful guinea pig himself. Then and one day he stole the herd’s Sacred Carrot and it turned him into a foul creature leading evil minions.

Chester’s Revenge: The Official Announcement Trailer

Chester’s Revenge takes inspiration from real-life events and characters. One of the pigs living with Wojo’s founder is Chester. Although his carrots are all sacred and none of them have been stolen. Or at least this Chester is very secretive about his missions of revenge if he has been on one…

Chester’s Revenge will feature 8 awesome platformer levels and 8 epic boss characters. Just like a traditional Mega Man game. The core gameplay and boss fights take heavy inspiration from Cuphead. Since each boss is due to be very difficult to beat and will have multiple phases.


  • An action-packed 2d retro platformer and 2D shooter shooter.
  • Beautiful retro pixel art.
  • Rockin 8-bit Chiptune Soundtrack.
  • Vibrant Voice Acting.
  • Eight beautifully crafted platformer levels.
  • Intense multi-phase boss encounters.

Chester’s Revenge 2D shooter is available to Wishlist on Steam. The game also has a closed beta coming up in early 2022. With the full release coming in late 2022/early 2023 on Linux and Windows PC.

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