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Chicken Bomb will have you blow up farm animals

chicken bomb will have you blow up farm animals on linux mac windows pc with a discount

Chicken Bomb just released and will have you blow up farm animals on Linux, Mac, Windows PC in a Bomberman style. Thanks to independent game development studio GoesSoft. The game is now live with a discount on Steam.

The top down action game Chicken Bomb releases. Which also featuring RPG elements. Gameplay is also inspired the Bomberman game mechanics. Wheere you have to defeat enemies by dropping bombs (eggs). Hopefully timing the drop just right to take some invading enemies. And if you’re lucky, give you enough time to take shelter too.

In Chicken Bomb you will have to take control a chicken. While blasting other creatures using your exploding eggs. Check it out in the trailer below. This will certainly give you a first hand example of the gameplay.

Chicken Bomb trailer

Chicken Bomb contains many animals to destroy. Such as horses and cows. Visuals are very cartoonish. Rather than having a casual game the has crazy graphics expectations. Since this helps to keep the game running smooth as well. But the lighting in the game presents a well thought out art style. And of course, gameplay includes many different scenarios.


  • Top-down action game inspired by Bomberman’s gameplay mechanics.
  • Featuring RPG elements.
  • Defeat different farm animals.
  • Engaging Chicken Bomb soundtrack, independent songs.
  • Well-designed scenarios with a cartoonish tone.
  • Develop a good strategy to overcome the difficulties that are imposed during the phases.

Gameplay will have you blast your way around the farm. But do note, your timing is everything. Give yourself the opportunity to take cover. But try and make sure to protect yourself from enemies who survive the blast. They will hunt you own.

Chicken Bomb is a top down game with RPG elements. But the game will have you blow up farm animals. Yet also comes with support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Plus a 30% discount on Steam until August 5th. Taking the price from $4.99 USD to $3.49 USD with the discount.

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