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Chicken Cannon physics game gets native support

chicken cannon 3d physics-based rage game now has full linux support with windows pc

Chicken Cannon 3D physics-based rage game now has full Linux support with Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of Italian developer Matteo Dalmasso. Now available on Steam.

Chicken Cannon! is a solo project Matteo Dalmasso. Obviously with a unique sense of humor. Now the games are also available for Linux and SteamOS platforms. And the same goes already for the including Free demo. Just in case you want to try before you buy.

Chicken Cannon! is a 3D physics-based rage game. The goal, reach the end of a colorful low poly open world. Doing so by shooting the chicken from one cannon to another. Compete with the community to get the best time. That is if you ever manage to finish the game.

Chicken Cannon! Official trailer

“In the first month after release some players tried to beat the game, but the furthest they got for now is about halfway to the end, after something like 12 hours of playtime… It will be interesting to see how far Linux users will get.”
-Matteo Dalmasso

Chicken Cannon includes:

  • Collectibles hidden across the map.
  • Integration with Steam stats. So you can get an accurate range of the raging that’s happening in the community.
  • Integration with Steam leaderboards. Just in case anyone manages to beat the game, his time will be saved.
  • A special mode, unlocked after the player beats the game for the first time.

The developer also confirmed that he’s currently working on a new FPS project. A more story-driven game is also in the initial design phase.

Try to beat this near impossible game. So get ready to get angry. Chicken Cannon 3D physics-based rage game is available on Steam. Also priced at just $3.99 USD. Now including support for Linux with Windows PC. Which is a great game to just kill time with.

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