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Children of Morta RPG coming 2018 but no Linux

children of morta rpg coming 2018 but no linux via steam games

11 bit studios is publishing Children of Morta, we are keen to the coming release. Hence the hack-and-slash roguelike from Dead Mage coming to Mac and Windows. Since the release is due to arrive in the 1st half of 2018. Yet this Unity 3D is not scheduled to be release on Linux, despite the Kickstarter.

11 bit studios and Linux support:

“The game is done in Unity but there won’t be Linux version, sadly.

Sadly, the sales are very poor, especially comparing to the amount of work that has to be put to make a game running on Linux.”

Since this statement comes directly from 11 bit Studios, we understand platform support. Yet over 80% of the Linux games on Steam are developed in Unity 3D. There is even a contrary comment or two via the Steam Discussions from the developer. Which means we have to upvote for native Linux support, for a Unity game?

Children of Morta Story

Since the Bergson family continue to guard Mount Morta for generations. Yet now face their most dangerous trial. Corruption has spread, morphing the once peaceful mountain into a violent and monster-infested nightmare. So players take part in their journey and experience what it means to be in a family of heroes.

An emotional roguelike with gorgeous pixel-art. Children of Morta combines a powerful narrative of familial ties with intense hack-and-slash gameplay. All while exploring this ever-changing world. So choose the best character for your playstyle. Crafting new items for your adventure and fight to restore peace to the land.

Watch the new Children of Morta trailer here:

Children of Morta Features:

  • 6 Playable Characters
    John, Mark, Linda, Joey, Kevin, and Lucy are all prepped and ready for the forthcoming fray. Discover each family member’s unique fighting style and delve into their personalities and past in their own personal quests.
  • Procedurally Generated World
    Every forest, dungeon, or temple you explore and skirmish through is procedurally to guarantee a unique experience every play through.
  • Mountain of Mystery
    Delve into the mountain and discover the mystical world of Morta. Unearth why the Corruption has come to this seemly peaceful mountain. Find lore scattered about giving glimpses into the lives of the mountain’s residents.
  • Pixel Art to A New Level
    A combination of hand painted pixel art and frame by frame animations partnered with modern lighting techniques come to life to create the beautifully dangerous world of Mount Morta.

Since Children of Morta is the latest title until the 11 bit studios’ publishing arm. Dedicated to supporting their fellow indie developers. 11 bit studios’ publishing lineup includes such games as Beat Cop, Tower 57, Moonlighter. And their latest in-house project, Frostpunk.

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