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Chill Town a soothing sim to hit Steam Deck

chill town the soothing simulation game due to hit steam deck linux via windows pc

Chill Town the soothing simulation game due to hit Steam Deck and Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts from developer Low-Hi Tech. Closing out the successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Let me take you on a soothing simulation journey through Chill Town, a one of a kind virtual experience. If you’re into creating your own space and diving deep into world-building, this is certainly a game for Steam Deck and Linux via Proton.

Chill Town puts you on a pristine island, untapped and waiting for a visionary. Since you are one of the pioneers, you’re in charge of turning this empty land into a vibrant, bustling community. Think of crafting your ideal space. Since you have 800+ items to work with. And it’s not just your place; you also design homes for others, upgrade them, and let your style shine.

Speaking of residents, you’ll meet a bunch of characters. Engage with them, and become friends, all, while you watch that influence, help the town grow. The more you bond, the more you’ll attract new faces.

Now, “Pals” are the real show-stealers in Chill Town. These are Plant Animals, a wild blend of flora and fauna. Catch them, grow ’em, and breed these exotic creatures. Fancy a Radish Pal? Make sure to cook it its favorite meal – something with boiled radish. Also, remember, always treat these friends with kindness; no harm is allowed.

Fishing, there’s a vast ocean out there, boasting 125 fish species. Show off your skill, or maybe just fill up an aquarium. For the green-thumbed, there’s also farming. A medley of 14 crops, 9 fruit trees, as well as flowers and herbs are at your disposal. Grow, harvest, and cook.

Chill Town Kickstarter Trailer

Oh, and adventurers? The Samayan Islands await your exploration. Dive deep, discover new resources, find exotic species, and bring new friends into Chill Town.

So let’s talk about Chill Town character design. You can customize your avatar. From skin tones to outfits, make sure you’re the talk of the town.

If you’re a dog or cat person, you can care for them, and take them on your adventures. Since they’ll be your loyal sidekicks, each with its own quirks and behaviours. There’s nothing like the bond between a gamer and a virtual pet.

Now, let’s talk music, Chill Town lets you vibe out to various music styles. Got an ear for mixing tracks? Craft your own playlists and immerse yourself in the ambience.

Chill Town is a the soothing simulation in a place of limitless possibilities. So whether you’re looking to relax or jump into an action-packed session, it’s got something for everyone. Due to let you dive in via Steam Deck with the Windows PC build. Which should also offer decent support for Linux players going forward. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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