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Chonky top-down action RPG working on a port

chonky top-down action rpg game dev is working on a port for linux with windows pc

Chonky top-down action RPG game dev’s are working on a port for Linux with Windows PC. All thanks to the efforts of talents of developer Enhydra Games. Working to makes it’s way onto Kickstarter soon.

Enjoy a chubby adventure in this top-down action RPG. Along with a hidden skill tree and a parenting mode, allowing you to play with the kids.
Enhydra Games’ first title Chonky – From Breakfast to Domination will go into Early Access this fall. Which is already available to be Wishlisted on Steam.

Linux Support:

Regarding the Linux port, we are planning on doing it.

Thanks to an email, the Chonky developers are using Unreal Engine 5. Doing so after the team made the transition from UE4.
While we have good news for Linux, there is still a fair bit of Linux testing that will be underway. Seeing Enhydra has not yet announced the Linux port, due to their already busy schedule.
Also note, Linux via the Kickstarter campaign, will be a stretch goal. That can change, with further support via crowdfunding, which will guarantee the native build.

Now then, let’s talk gameplay. In Chonky you will fight your way through a cuddly world in this top-down action RPG. Doing so either alone or with a second player accompanying you as a cute baby Chonky. Explore the hidden skill tree with 150 unique magical abilities. Where only after unlocking a skill, the exact requirements for it will reveal.

Like the chubby and bright Chonkys, you will have to experiment and explore to discover new things. It’s cute and child friendly setting together with a parenting mode makes it the ideal game. Doing so for both newcomers to the ARPG world as well as fans.

Set on Chonkus Prime, homeworld of the Chonkys, you begin your journey by arriving in Chubbington. There you help out the locals, complete tasks, and get to explore the world around you.
But after a while, a strange looking Chonky is spotted and you get sent to find this newcomer. A chase around the village begins and leads to an outcome you do not expect.

Chonky – From Breakfast to Domination Features:

  • A hidden Skill Tree where you can find new skills by fooling around
  • A Parenting Mode where you get to enjoy the game together with a child or inexperienced player
  • Melee combat with 10 unique weapon classes and 60 unique weapons with randomized stats using our prefix system
  • 150 unique skills and abilities
  • 5 playable characters
  • 5 distinct areas

Chonky – From Breakfast to Domination top-down action RPG is coming to Kickstarter this Friday, July 15th. Offers a Windows PC, but with enough support, Linux too.
The Steam Early Access release is due in Fall 2022. Priced at roughly $20.99 USD / £15.99 / 20,99€ with a 25% release discount.

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