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Chop Shop Simulator announced and teases support

chop shop simulator is just announced and teases support for the game on linux with windows pc

Chop Shop Simulator is just announced and teases support for the game on Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to developer and publisher T-Bull. Who just announced the game and a Steam page.

In Chop Shop Simulator you will run an illegal business. Your own illegal car chop shop of stolen cars so you can make a fortune on parts sales. Raising your reputation among dangerous urban gangs.

The game itself starts when you have to make a visit to the city to find the right car. Then you will have to think carefully about how to get to it. Doing so without risking a chance of getting busted. Select a great team and pick up the valuable loot by transporting it to your hideout without notice.

Linux Support:

This may seem simple enough, but lets talk about releasing the game on Linux. Here’s what developer T-Bull has to say:

Chop Shop Simulator, the game engine is Unity. And for Linux or Mac port we will release it if there is interest in the game from users of these operating systems. We want to build a solid community around games. Which will allow us to reach everyone interested.

So that means with avid support, Chop Shop Simulator will get a native build. Which would be a first from the studio. Since most of their previous titles, at most, have Mac and Windows PC versions. But seeing Unity 3D is being used for development. It means the developer simply teases support bt wants to see demand and your Tux Love or +1 first on Steam.

You have a choice to disassemble the car into parts or legalize it. See what will be a more cost-effective solution. Thanks to the mechanics of precise disassembly of the car you will be able to separate each part. Setting the appropriate price for it on the internet exchange. And the risk of getting busted will decrease. That is unless you prefer to risk restamping the license plates, painting, or removing GPS transmitters.

Chop Shop Simulator – Official Announcement Trailer

Missions will differ with regard to the course of action. Including the difficulty level, execution time, and escape time. Each task will affect the player’s reputation, police interest, and cash flow.

In order for the Chop Shop Simulator business to become more and more profitable. This means as a boss, the player will have to be extremely clever. Since “borrowing” someone else’s car is not the easiest nut to crack. The economic sense is also important. Likewise, these aspects will play a key role in building an underground empire.


  • Be the head of the operation, thanks to an extensive car theft system
  • A large city with different locations
  • Realistic and extensive disassembly system for parts of every stolen car
  • Sophisticated mechanics of car parts’ legalization
  • The illegal atmosphere of the game
  • Vast internet marketplace
  • Reputation system

Since Chop Shop Simulator just announced the new upcoming game. Which will be releasing soon on Windows PC. So you be sure to add it to your Steam Wishlist today. And with enough support in the link above, release the game on Linux too.

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