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Chris Roberts’ Amazing Star Citizen Could Support Linux

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Star Citizen is a space sim built on the legacy of games such as Wing Commander, Starlancer, and Freelancer, and it could arrive on Linux, given the proper set of circumstances. 

The game is designed and built by legendary Chris Roberts and his team, with the help of Cryengine technology. Although this particular engine doesn’t support the Linux platform, the CryEngine server does run on Linux.

Chris Robert participated in an open discussion about Start Citizen on reddit.comand answered a question about Linux support for the game.

“We would be happy to support it and the CryEngine srever can run on Linux. The problem is the client side as that relies on DirectX (which obviously doesn’t work on Unix). If Crytek can add OpenGL support then I would say, we will do it,” stated Roberts.

Therefore, the hope of Linux players rests on Crytek’s decision to implement OpenGL in their engine. It’s a long shot, but Star Citizen is scheduled to launch at the end of 2014, so there is still a chance.


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