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Chronomaster interactive fiction game out now

chronomaster interactive fiction game releases now on linux mac windows pc

Chronomaster interactive fiction game releases now on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All due to the efforts of developer Throwback Entertainment. Available now on both Steam (discounted) and GOG.

Throwback Entertainment through its MIRROR Soft brand is excited to announce the release of Chronomaster. This is sci-fi classic that features the voice talents of Ron Pearlman and Brent Spiner. While being written and designed by science fiction writer, Roger Zelazny. Who you may know to be the winner of numerous Hugo and Nebula Awards. As well as being co-authored by Jane Lindskold.

Join Korda, the Chronomaster, on his epic quest for justice. Doing so in this groundbreaking Graphic Adventure. Here you will find yourself on a mission beyond your wildest dreams. All in a future where magic and science co-exist.

Chronomaster will take you on a journey through man-made “Pocket Universes”. One that is also full of cyborgs, pirates, and witches that provide deadly puzzles. Embark on an odyssey to worlds where magic reigns, reality warps, and plants speak words of wisdom. Watch as “Bottled Time” affects people and objects in man made universes. All due to band to different laws of physics.

Chronomaster – Trailer

Can you guide Korda & use this bottled time to solve the mystery, re-start the universes and return justice to the stars?


  • Boundless gameplay as you move freely from screen to screen within Pocket Universes in any order you choose
  • An original storyline from established sci-fi authors Roger Zelazny and Jane Lindskold. Offering exciting elements blending science fiction and fantasy
  • Striking, highly detailed. and fully rendered 3D artwork with full motion animation. Making Chronomaster visually stunning
  • Intuitive interface helps players move quickly through game sequences

Chronomaster interactive fiction is also available with a 35% discount for launch week on Steam. Priced at $4.54 USD / £3.37 / 3,69€. The game is also available on GOG for the regular price ($7.99 USD / £5.79 / 6,59€). Both stores offer support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.