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Circle Empires – Apex Monsters DLC launches

circle empires apex monsters dlc launches on linux mac windows

Circle Empires fantasy RTS has a new DLC called Apex Monsters for Linux, Mac and Windows. All thanks to Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Luminous. Who are releasing new content, available on Steam and GOG priced at $1.99 USD.

In Apex Monsters!, player hunt down a feared unicorn named Über. While you recruit wax monsters that spawn wax towers that shoot wax at your enemies. Or recruit your own horny unicorns and fight Enormy the Enormous. Also a really dumb but (for some reason) widely revered Barbarian. Yeah, it’s all pretty weird, but there’s a lot more to discover.
While you recruit brand new units to fight by your side. Such as crossbowmen, infested queens, black dragons, white dragons and assassin warriors. All Apex Monsters! units can also be used across all game modes with this DLC package installed.

Circle Empires ‘Apex Monsters!’ Features:

  • 6 new leaders to play as
  • 12 new monsters to hunt down
  • 21 new units (including unit classes)
  • A new autumn themed biome
  • All leaders have a new unit to recruitAI empires use the new units to wreak havoc of their own

In addition, a special Halloween update to the base game has been released. Players will temporarily be able to plant haunted pumpkins, that summon a spooky surprise when harvested.

About Circle Empires
The Circle Empires universe is made of interconnected circles, each containing loot to plunder and foes to defeat. You are the god-like leader of your tiny kingdom, hungry for power. Use your skills to hunt down increasingly powerful enemies and expand your empire. The game world changes every time you play – no two games are the same. And… you can grow pumpkins!

Circle Empires – Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Fast-paced real-time strategic gameplay with large-scale battles
  • Expand your empire, circle by circle
  • Units can gain XP and level up
  • Procedurally generated worlds containing unique flora and fauna
  • 150+ different creatures, buildings and resources
  • 18 Different faction leaders, a variety of bonuses
  • 12 enemy boss monsters
  • A magnificent treasury that grows with each battle

Launches available and price:

Circle Empires new Apex Monsters DLC launches on Steam and GOG priced at $1.99 USD. Although, note that Linux support is missing for the DLC on GOG. Likely incoming, since the base game has native support.

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