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Circle Empires massive update, native support

circle empires massive update and linux support

Circle Empires receives a massive content update with Linux support incoming. While the title of the post might be deceiving, publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Luminous have good news. Since they are announcing the hit real-time strategy game is receiving a massive content update.

Massive Update and Support:

So amongst the many improvements to Circle Empires. The free update adds new units, buildings and locations to the game. Also later this month Circle Empires will receive full Linux support. No release date just yet though.

Circle Empires singleplayer game where you must conquer a procedurally generated world made of interconnected circles. Circle Empires was release was on August 8th for Windows and Mac. And since has an enthusiastic reception by the community. With a Very Positive review ratings on Steam.

The content update adds a new unit, Hammermen. Leaders will now have workers of their respective species.
So as an example, if you start the game as Puck the Pumpkin King. Players will now have pumpkin workers. Zombies will now also function as workers as well.

Circle Empires – Launch Trailer (Windows, Mac, soon Linux)

New buildings which spawn dragons and wizards are also part of this update. In addition to new buildings, there are now more circle types to conquer. Since there are two new biome variations: Dragon Lairs and Wizard Studies. New rare biome variations with large armies of hostile units are also part in this update.

Difficulty has been increased for Easy and Normal mode. Both modes now have more monsters to fight.

Also included in this update are Korean localisation, many bug fixes, unit and leader balancing and UI improvements. For a detailed list of these changes, please visit the Steam forums.

Circle Empires is available on Steam and Humble Store at a price of $7.99 USD. And considering the level of gameplay, this is a very affordable price.

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