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Circle Empires RTS Fantasy gets native release

circle empires rts fantasy gets a linux release

Circle Empires RTS fantasy game is now available on Linux via Steam and GOG. Thanks to Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Luminous. Announcing the release of Circle Empires. Which also has a discount on GOG and DRM-free.

So it’s a pleasure to see a Linux release for Circle Empires. And now only is it available on Steam and Humble Store, but also comes with a GOG release plus a 10% discount. Again only available on GOG.

Circle Empires is a fresh take on the RTS genre. Featuring a fast-paced approach to conquering the world. Since the universe is made of interconnected circles, each containing loot to plunder and foes to defeat. So you play as the god-like leader of your tiny kingdom, hungry for power.

So using your skills to hunt down increasingly powerful enemies and expand your empire. The game world changes every time you play. Since no two games are the same. And… you can grow pumpkins.

Circle Empires RTS Fantasy Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Fast-paced real-time strategic gameplay with large-scale battles
  • Expand your empire, doing so circle by circle
  • Units can gain XP and level up
  • Procedurally generated worlds containing unique flora and fauna
  • 150+ different creatures, buildings and resources
  • 18 Different faction leaders, also a variety of bonuses
  • 12 enemy boss monsters
  • A magnificent treasury that grows with each battle

“Since we got all this love from thousands Circle Empires demo players. We decided to make it into a fully-fledged RTS. Now, after two years of work, this little gem is ready to be enjoyed.” – the Luminous Team.

Steam and GOG release:

Circle Empires RTS Fantasy is available for Linux on Steam and Humble Store. But the game also has a 10% discount on GOG. Which is an interesting release, with a push for the DRM-Free launch.

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