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Circuit: Laser Maze 3D puzzle game coming soon

circuit: laser maze a connect the point style laser 3d puzzle game for linux mac windows pc

Circuit: Laser Maze a connect the point style laser 3D puzzle game coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. According to recent details from developer Duston Parker. Despite some conflicting details on the Steam page.

Love logic puzzles? Challenge yourself with 55 levels of 3D connect the point style laser puzzles in Circuit: Laser Maze. Combining colors and angles for a truly retro gaming experience. Use your knowledge of the color wheel and keen skills of spatial notions for some passively educational fun.

This is the nature of Circuit: Laser Maze gameplay However, the Steam page is a bit unclear, listing Linux, but stating “not supported” in the description. Therefore, we reached out to developer Duston Parker via email confirmation.

Also, the Linux version of the game is currently in testing. As I am not 100% sure if it will be ready for the launch date.

Circuit: Laser Maze Trailer

Circuit: Laser Maze is an impressively retro, but unique 3rd person learning experience. Introduce yourself to the color wheel while utilizing spatial perception for some casual educational fun. Stretch your mind to combine and separate primary and secondary colors. All while on a journey that immerses you in tough test and fulfilling sounds. How to play the objective is to connect the circuit between the laser’s start point. Doing so with the endpoint node of the like color using the modules available.

Take full control of a 360° rotational camera in Circuit: Laser Maze. Due to see all the angles. So you can shape lasers in 3 dimensions to overcome obstacles and avoid other lasers to obtain your goals. Challenges start with lasers having a length of 10 meters (or 10-floor tiles). So that each redirecting module adds 3 meters. Ensure you have enough laser to reach the node. Combine primary colors to create secondary colors or split secondary colors. Due to creating primary colors with a split/combiner module to the needed color for the node.

Stuck on a Circuit: Laser Maze puzzle? With a non-linear progression system, simply move on to another puzzle. Or for the truly determined use the built-in hint system to guide your way. Be warned, to use the hint system you must first collect the hint crystals. Many are easy to find but some may be more of a test than the puzzle itself.

Circuit: Laser Maze connect the point style laser 3D puzzle game is due to arrive on March 1st. Releasing on Steam for Mac and Windows PC, but hopefully day-one Linux support.

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