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Cities Skylines Industries expansion releases

cities skylines industries update release date for linux mac windows

Cities Skylines expansion Industries release for Linux, Mac and Windows. Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order also have huge sale this week on Steam.

So the Industries expansion for Cities Skylines is now on PC, Mac and Linux, priced at $14.99 USD on Steam and Humble Store. So players can pick up the most in-depth DLC in Cities history. Building unique factories and customizing their industrial areas. Including supply chains for four different resource types. Synthetic Dawn Radio was also released for $3.99 USD. Along with a free gameplay update.

Cities Skylines – Industries | Release Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Mind your business! With Industries, well managed industry areas will level up and become more efficient. So will the production chains. Since there is a new city mail service, a cargo airport, FIVE new maps, new policies and new city services. Also new buildings and more.

Check out the tutorial series on YouTube. This should help introduce changes in gameplay. Since the introduction of this new content changes everything. Introducing a whole new set of challenges for Cities Skylines, creating a brand new game.

Also coinciding with the Industries expansion. Cities Skylines has a new radio channel and a free content update.
So listen to Synthetic Dawn Radio, the most far-out radio station to land in-game ever. Since this features 16 original new songs across four genres: 80s Electro, Vocoding Electro, Breakbeats and Futuristic Synths.

The free update for Cities Skylines coming alongside Industries will introduce toll booths and road tolls. This which will slow traffic, but generate income for the city. Players can also now designate historical buildings. And create custom name lists for citizens, districts and buildings.

Besides all this good news, Cities Skylines has some huge discounts on Steam. Since most of the DLC have a 50% discount. While the Parklife and Country Road Radio only have a 33% discount.

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