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Content Creator Pack: Art Deco released for Cities: Skylines on Linux, Mac and Windows PC

cities skylines first content creator pack for linux mac pc

Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games and a master of decorous decoration, today released its first Content Creator Pack for Cities: Skylines, the best-selling #citybuilding #game for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC’s. The first pack, titled Content Creator Pack: Art Deco, adds a brand-new set of Deco-inspired buildings to the game, designed by community creator Matt “Shroomblaze” Crux, who will receive a share of revenue from the DLC. The Art Deco pack is available today for Cities: Skylines players for $4.99 USD.

In Cities: Skylines, players can design, build, and manage the city of their dreams, customizing their creations with improved services, civic policies, and user-designed roads and buildings – including a wealth of community-created content available via Steam Workshop. Over 90,000 pieces of user content have been shared for free thus far, and the first Content Creator Pack highlights just one of the talented designers from the Cities: Skylines community. Upcoming packs will highlight other creators in the future.

For more information on Cities: Skylines, please visit the official webiste.

Proceeds from this pack will be shared with the modder who designed the content. Celebrate the creativity of the Cities: Skylines community with the following buildings:

Unique Buildings:

  • Eddie Kovanago
  • Pinoa Street
  • The Majesty

Commercial buildings:

  • Central Hotel
  • Chirpcinema
  • Icecream Parlour
  • Laundromat
  • Radio Station
  • Starlight Hotel

Residential buildings:

  • Art Deco Apartments 1
  • Art Deco Apartments 2
  • Art Deco House 1
  • Art Deco House 2
  • Art Deco House 3
  • Art Deco House 4

cities skylines content creator pack art deco screenshot

cities skylines content creator pack art deco screenshot

cities skylines content creator pack art deco screenshot