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City Block Builder game hits Early Access

City block builder tycoon management game hits early access for windows pc linux mac support

City Block Builder tycoon management game hits Early Access for Windows PC, but no Linux and Mac support. Which is the work and creativity of developer Tentworks Interactive. Available now via Steam Early Access.

Tentworks Interactive is eager to release its multi-business management game, City Block Builder. Kicking off the 9 – 10 month venture into Steam Early Access. Finally, you can build the Tinseltown empire of their dreams.

City Block Builder is a mashup of deep tycoon management games. While offering large-scale city building elements. Taking place in Los Angeles during the 1950s, the game puts you in the shoes of a young, budding entrepreneur. One who is also eager to build their own business empire. Fresh off the victory of WWII, Los Angeles is the pop culture capital of the world. With the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, designer shops, and the finest cuisine money can buy. All under a canopy of clear blue skies, the City of Angels. Since City Block Builder represents the “American Dream” at its most ideal.

However, that dream does not yet include Linux support.

City Block Builder will be out for Windows on launch and will release shortly later on the Linux and Mac OS platforms!

You can see this statement clearly on the Steam page. Sadly developer Tentworks Interactive was a bit late releasing the game. But it’s here and it’s available on Windows PC. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to test out Proton support, until the native Linux build releases.

City Block Builder Release Trailer

The full version of City Block Builder will allow you to erect all manner of trades. Doing so from cinema theatres to bowling alleys, to jazz clubs, to drive-in theaters, parlors, and more. This Early Access launch focuses entirely on the restaurant building portion of the game. Since new businesses are coming as free updates between now and the full launch. A future update will add cinemas, allowing you to decide what movies to show and when. As well as the Story/Campaign Mode.

While City Block Builder’s campaign mode will take you from rags to riches as you micro and macro manage each monetary decision, there will also be a Sandbox Mode offering full freedom to create the Los Angeles of your dreams with no expense spared! Every decision you make will set you on a different path giving different players varying outcomes.

City Block Builder tycoon management game is available on Steam Early Access. Releasing on Windows PC, with Linux and Mac support coming shortly. Priced at $19.99 USD / £15.49 / 16,79€.

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