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City of Gold Collection releases for PAYDAY 2

city of gold collection releases for payday 2 for linux and windows pc

City of Gold Collection is new for the PAYDAY 2 game on Linux and Windows PC. Due to developer OVERKILL and publisher Starbreeze Studio now leveling up the experience for players. Available now on Steam with a big discount.

Starbreeze Studios and OVERKILL announce the City of Gold Collection. Which is also the latest collection of DLCs for PAYDAY 2. Which is actually extensive.

With the inclusion of PAYDAY 2 Standard Edition, this Bundle also acts as an alternative entry point for new customers. The cost of the Standard Edition will not affect the price for anyone who already owns PAYDAY 2.

The full content of the City of Gold campaign adds up to a value of $65.87 USD. But the City of Gold Collection is also available for $39.52 USD for a 40% discount. This is a dynamic bundle, meaning the cost of anything the buyer already owns is excluded from the final price.

The original City of Gold campaign started in February 2021 and was finished in March 2022. This also contains the base game, 12 DLCs divided into 4 Heists, 4 Tailor Packs, and 4 Weapon packs listed below.

The City of Gold Collection Bundle contains:

The Bundle contains the following Heists.

PAYDAY 2: City of Gold Teaser (Linux, Windows PC)

The Bundle contains the following Weapon Packs.

Finally the City of Gold Collection Bundle contains the following Tailor Packs.

So, the City of Gold saga takes us from the iconic streets of San Francisco to the middle of the pacific ocean and back again. Crossing the triads every step of the way.

The City of Gold Collection starts with the Dragon heist. As we begin with a tip from Jiu Feng, leading us to a golden dragon, hidden away in an innocent looking tea shop.

The Triad doesn’t take kindly to being robbed however and quickly strikes back against Vlad himself. Kidnapping him and putting him through grueling torture in order to find the identity of the clown masked robbers. The ones who stole their precious gold dragon.

Our heisters set out and save Vlad from an unpleasant fate, and prepare to strike back. In the first step, they board the Black Cat which not only makes the Triad a tidy profit. But also acts as a floating bank for much of the Triad’s finances.

Having crippled their finances, the Gang returns to San Francisco where, with the help of triad insider Shayu the Gang seeks to invade the Triads US base of operations and put an end to Yufu Wang, the triad leader.

The City of Gold Collection Bundle contains all the DLC’s released during the City of Gold campaign. Any DLC you already own will be discounted from the total cost of this bundle.

City of Gold Collection for PAYDAY 2 is available now on Steam. The games bundle is available at $39.47 USD / £31.64 / 29.11€. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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