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City of Murals a cute new action platformer

city of murals is a cute new action platformer game for linux and windows pc with a demo

City of Murals is a cute new 3D action platformer game for Linux and Windows PC with a Demo. Thanks to the support of developer Brotherly. Which is working to make its way onto Steam in 2023.

Brotherly, the developer behind City of Murals has released a Demo. Which you can download now. The demo play time runs about an hour in length, give or take. Which is also releasing now to get ready for Steam’s Next Fest. Which highlights upcoming games with demos available to play. Next Fest runs from October 3rd through October 10th. Plus we also have news about Linux support.

We’re using Unity as our game engine. As far as a Linux port, it’s my goal to try to get the game onto as many operating systems, consoles, and platforms as possible.

So this is the plan for City of Murals development. The use of Unity 3D should make porting the game to Linux far easier. But developer Brotherly also points out that the native build will come later. Doing so as the game gets closer to a more finished and stable state.

City of Murals Gameplay Clip

The City of Murals Demo will remain up for another 10 days after Next Fest ends. Just to give everyone ample opportunity to check it out on Linux via Proton.

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City of Murals new 3D action platformer game is coming to Linux and Windows PC. Due to release in January 2023. You can Wishlist the game on Steam.

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