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City of the Shroud tactical RPG native support update

city of the shroud tactical rpg linux support update

Chapter one of City of the Shroud the real-time tactical RPG will release Chapter one August 9th on Mac and Windows, but what about Linux? We reached out to Abyssal Arts to see what is going on with the launch.

So back in 2016 there was a lot of excitement around City of the Shroud. There is also still and active Demo available for (previously for Linux) as well. But will we have native support at release?

Linux support update:

“We aren’t planning a Linux port at the moment, but not for lack of liking Linux (I’m tempted to try it out, especially since Unity makes builds for it). The issue is that we have no experience with Linux (using or porting). Wnd when we tried to port it over a while back. We couldn’t find enough testing support to guarantee that a Linux build would be on-par with the Win/Mac versions. Since it’s the only platform that’s ever had a crash-bug, for example.

I’m debating putting an unofficial/untested Linux beta branch up on Steam, but with the console ports, our six-person nights/weekends team is going to be stretched a bit thin, and I wouldn’t want to promise something we couldn’t reliably deliver.”

So clearly Abyssal Arts want to release a Linux build. But there is concern about a stable release. And apparently getting enough testers for the build. Which should not be a problem.

Being that we have had a Linux demo build available since 2016. The interest is definitely there. I have also emailed the developers back with encouragement. Which means we do not have confirmation, but we do have solid interest.

A unique tactical RPG:

So here’s the deal, gamers who play chapter one before development on chapter two commences. Will impact City of the Shroud’s story. And also influence decisions about who lives, dies and rises to power. As well as the ultimate fate of a city under siege.

Iskendrun’s collapse seems inevitable as the nobility continues to neglect the poorest citizens while pursuing an unsustainable conquest of neighboring countries, bringing the city to the brink of bloody civil war. Faceless evil looms, increasing tension among the people and widening the division between the city’s five political factions.

City of the Shroudcombines tactical RPG elements with classic fighting game. Inputs that result in intense, devastating combos that play out in real-time. Down, left, up, right – the game’s Combo Wheel draws inspiration from the traditional d-pad to promote think-on-your-feet strategy in new ways.

City of the Shroud | Release Date & Story Trailer (Windows and Mac, Linux is unsure)

Players must choose their foes carefully, though. Future chapters of Iskendrun’s story will see political shifts based on allegiances sworn by members of the community, as well as their decisions within those factions.

While it’s possible to revisit decisions and story branches by replaying the game. Every decision has permanent consequence. As only the first playthrough of each player will contribute to the narrative direction of subsequent chapters. Become a part of history: join City of the Shroud’s writers and community. While they craft this tumultuous tale together.

“How do people react when everything is complicated, when it’s all a moral grey area?” said Keaton White, founder of Abyssal Arts. “We want to see what choices the community makes and create a cycle where we take the base material they give us and weave it into a coherent narrative. The story has only begun – the players will finish it.”

Steam release:

City of the Shroud will be available in English for $19.99 USD / €19.99 on Steam. Purchase includes the whole game, with each of the four chapters coming out every few months via free updates to allow time for the team and players to craft the story. And hopefully somewhere in the mix, Linux support?

For more information, please visit City of the Shroud’s official page or follow Abyssal Arts on Twitter and Facebook.

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