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Civilization 5: The Complete Edition deal for Linux and Mac

civilization 5 the complete edition deal for linux and mac

Joystiq also has a special #deal for Linux and Mac gamers with a deeply discounted (50% off) copy of Civilization 5: The Complete Edition. Bundling the acclaimed 2010 #strategy game with two feature-packed expansions and all previously-released add-on content, the #package is available for only $24.99 through Monday, so act fast if you’re looking to sink hundreds of hours into an endlessly replayable epic.


In addition to award winningly addictive gameplay, awesome graphics and a great price, this game offers endless re-playability. With over 40 historical leaders to choose from, and unlimited strategic options this game is going to keep you busy for awhile.


  • The original Civilization V
  • The Gods & Kings and Brave New World expansion packs
  • Includes all released add-on content
  • Multiplayer
  • 40+ historical leaders to choose from
  • Huge battles
  • Addictive, award-winning gameplay


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