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Civilization 6 reveals a first look at Egypt for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Civilization VI is coming out this October, so #strategy #fans will be raising cities, building and developing the landscape. This also means players can start planning their tactics early, as #Firaxis just released a First Look video detailing various civilizations. This latest is Egypt, seems to place an emphasis on trade strategies.

Cleopatra grants Egypt various in-game benefits to trade, granting additional gold from trade routes. The trade routes from other civilizations will also be granted this gold bonus, along with extra food for the originator. Making Egypt an especially valuable ally and trade partner, much like the real-life historical counter-part.

This is not Egypt’s only unique benefit. This special ability lets the civilization build districts and Wonder faster on rivers, plus flood plains will not block their placement. Egypt gains the Maryannu Chariot Archer, with bonus moves when starting in open terrain and Sphinxes that provide bonuses to Faith and Culture.

Civilization VI pre-orders are open now for the upcoming launch on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC on October 21, 2016.