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Civilization: Beyond Earth update for AMD and Intel graphics card support


#Development and potential issues around graphics card #support for the Civilization: Beyond Earth #Linux port have been a big concern. AMD and Intel obviously being the most affected here. nVidia still dominates the platform but if you already purchased a copy of Beyond Earth, here is the more recent update from Aspyr Media on the subject:

Last week we mentioned some problems we were having on the Linux version with graphical issues on AMD and Intel GPUs. Fortunately, our partners at AMD and Intel are totally awesome, and with their help, we’ve managed to greatly improve the gameplay experience on those chipsets. They were able to spot a setting in our code base that behaves completely differently on Linux vs Mac, and magically several of our worst bugs disappeared. While we still have a ways to go before we are officially supporting both chipsets, we can confidently say that both are in a very playable state, and official support will be rolled in ASAP.

A big, big shout out to the guys at AMD and Intel for helping us here, and we look forward to working with them even more closely in the future.

We were also able to successfully implement the aforementioned patch into the Linux version just in time for launch. And the launch should be very soon. We have now submitted the Linux version of Civilization: Beyond Earth to all parties for approval! Assuming all goes well, Linux users will be colonizing new planets just in time for Christmas (possibly as soon as next week).

Aspyr Media will continue to provide updates and information on the upcoming release through their social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Google+). According to further details of the post, this will likely be the last update before Christmas. However the community feedback has been “nothing short of fantastic” according to the post. And we expect the development team will be put every bit of effort into releasing a smooth port.

We here at Linux Game News would like to extend our kudos to Aspyr Media for keeping the Linux community up to date with development issues. If you have yet to play Borderlands 2 or Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel on Linux, you will note smoother gameplay, sharper graphics, and more distinct controls over say Window PC. This is the Aspyr development team going further to ensure a more positive gameplay experience.


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