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Civilization V lead designer opens new PC studio

by Craig Chapple

Conifer Games takes on crowdfunding with $40,000 empire building game

Former Firaxis and Civilization V lead designer Jon Shafer has opened a new Michigan-based independent studio called Conifer Games.

The US outfit is made up of a core of three developers and a number of part-time contractors, and will focus on PC game development.

Conifer Games has launched its first title, empire building game At The Gates, on Kickstarter, and is looking for $40,000 to complete development.

The title’s Kickstarter page claims the it is already a fully-playable prototype, but that the studio needs more funds to finish developing the game, with aspects such as game AI still in their early stages.

If successful, At The Gates is expected to be released during the first half of 2014.

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From Linux Game News:

Can we expect to see a Linux build for At the Gates?

Our $40k goal is only with the PC in mind, but we absolutely would like to. The game is currently programmed in C#, but the development team has been talking about moving that to something more multiplatform friendly. If the campaign is successfully funded beyond the goal, we’re looking to put the game on more platforms, so stay tuned – stretch goals will be coming soon! I know there are many Civilzation fans out there, it would be great to have a native build available.

My recommendation, comment on their Kickstarter page and influence change. And hopefully we can get away from these stretch goals. Argh!!!

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