Claire de Lune story adventure and support

claire de lune story adventure and linux support in windows pc games

Claire de Lune first person story adventure coming to Windows PC games, with a Linux interest. Thanks to game developer Tactic Studios. Who also released an announcement trailer.

Claire de Lune takes place in a grounded science fiction universe. Where development uses a proprietary Immortal Engine. Which is also created from scratch by 2 people.

Linux Support:

“We aren’t presently focused on a Linux port. Just trying to get the game out the door.
However, we do have a GL renderer, OpenAL layer for audio. The engine is written in Java and platform agnostic. One of our main developers used to run Linux as his main OS for a long time. So it was working at some point.”

So now that we know that, Claire de Lune still needs testing. The developer also goes on to explain that this hasn’t happened yet. Since they are focusing on the Windows PC release. But they have open GL and AL support

Claire de lune offers puzzle solving, platforming, stealth sequences and first person combat, combined with an engaging character-driven storyline. You play as John, a smuggler on the run with his daughter, Claire. After crash landing on a foreign planet. John loses Claire. He must use his ingenuity, agility, and a few handy pieces of technology to find Claire, repair his ship, and escape safely. However as John progresses further, he soon discovers that the planet is more mysterious than it initially seems.

Claire de Lune Trailer (Windows PC, then Linux)

“We are so excited to finally announce Claire de lune and the game engine driving it, the Immortal Engine,” says Tactic CEO, Jesse Attard. “We’ve come a long way from our last 2D title, both technically and visually. Our company peaked at only 5 employees during the production of the game. And I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished with so few resources.”

Tactic Studios also has a no-crunch policy. “When people see that we made our own engine, and that we are building this ambitious game with just a few people, they assume we must work around the clock,” says Jesse. “That’s not the case. We lead normal lives. We don’t crunch. We’re just efficient.”

Claire de lune story adventure will be coming to Windows PC soon. While Linux support is looking good. There is no Steam page yet. But you can find more information on the official website.

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