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Clam Man 2: Open Mic comedy RPG worth playing

clam man 2: open mic comedy rpg worth playing on linux mac windows pc

Clam Man 2: Open Mic comedy RPG is worth playing on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer marafrass. With this prologue being able on both Steam and on And the reviews are 96% Very Positive.

Clam Man 2: Open Mic is the prologue to the upcoming Clam Man 2. Which is also a rather hilarious stand-up comedy RPG adventure. So you play the first day in a week of jokes, quests, and saying a lot of really odd things. Since the game does not have combat and is a story RPG. Gameplay takes you on an unlikely quest in a very unlikely world. Play as the titular Clam Man and uncover a secret lurking in the basement of Snacky Bay Prime Mayonnaise. Due to change the course of your life! Doing Clam Man 2: Open Mic quests, getting jokes, and doing stand-up!

Therefore, if any of this sounds remotely interesting. Play the game prologue and give stand-up a shot. It’s free! So you’ve got nothing to lose! Also, check out the trailer below.

Clam Man 2: Open Mic (2020) launch Trailer

Still not convinced? Alright, lets share some of the other things you can do in this game.

  • Faint in an attempt to get out of public speaking
  • Lie to a child
  • Talk to a prehistoric beast
  • Cause an earthquake
  • Do standup

Be Judged for who you are:

Four different stats dictate your Clam Man 2: Open Mic abilities;

  • Aquadynamics – your ability to perform physical comedy, mime, act out scenarios or just remain deadpan!
  • Improv – the ability to think on the spot, be strange and absurd. Or come up with new takes or ideas!
  • Detection – your ability to perceive the world and use logic to deduce it! The key ingredient in observation comedy!
  • Self-Awareness – how much of an absolute mess you are! Taking a page from games like Fallout: New Vegas and ‘dumb’ playthroughs. Since your high Self-Awareness could turn you into an empathic, nervous wreck. While Low Self-Awareness will let you be mean to children. You will also slap people, and blurt out the most unbelievable b******t you could think of. Yay for self-deprecating comedy!

Clam Man 2: Open Mic comedy RPG worth playing and it’s hilarious. The prologue is free on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While the full release is due once the game is finished. Which seem to be the overall status.

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