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Claws and Paws fashion update out now

claws and paws fashion update for rightfully beary arms bullet hell roguelite game on linux steam deck windows pc

Claws and Paws fashion update for Rightfully Beary Arms bullet hell roguelite game on Linux, Steam Deck, and Windows PC. All credit goes to the skilled team at Daylight Basement Studio. Available via Steam Early Access, still boasting 100% Positive reviews.

Rightfully Beary Arms developed by Daylight Basement Studio, has just released the Claws and Paws Fashion Update. This update is all about bringing some extra style and customization to your play. It’s now live on Steam Early Access with support for Linux and Steam Deck.

So, what’s new? First off, we’ve got some unique weapon augments. These are perfect for jazzing up your attacks. You can boost Beary’s attack speed to quickly take down the sneaky Fun Guy. Or maybe add extra projectiles to handle those Toadalees better. Each playthrough lets you try out different setups, keeping things fresh every time.

There are also some nice new modifiers in Claws and Paws update. These let you change up the levels, adding more challenges or tweaking the gameplay to make each stage unique. It’s due to spice things up as you play through the galaxies.

Rightfully Beary Arms – Claws and Paws Fashion Update

Speaking of style, the Claws and Paws update isn’t just about firepower. As you travel through various galaxies, you can now dress Beary up in some seriously cool outfits. There are three new dapper looks you can unlock by beating the big bosses. Defeating them not only progresses the game but also potentially earns you a spot on the universe’s best-dressed list!

Rightfully Beary Arms has an impressive collection of weapons scattered across the galaxy. Doing with the quirky Catling gun that shoots rainbow lasers to more classic types like the Mosin Nagants. Each weapon has its own unique feel and learning curve. Claws and Paws is also making it fun to discover and master what you prefer. And the best part? Beary keeps all his weapons, even if he gets defeated.

As you get further into the game, the challenges grow. The enemies get tougher, but how they evolve is up to you. Maybe you’ll face an enemy with a new trick up its sleeve or find that health drops become rarer. Each choice affects the game, making every run unique.

So if you’re into fast-paced action and looking for something that mixes combat with tons of customization and style, Beary Arms with its Claws and Paws Fashion Update is definitely worth checking out. Available via Steam Early Access. Priced at $9.99 USD / £8.50 / 9,75€. Along with support for Linux, Steam Deck (Verified), and Windows PC.

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