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Clean Cut update out now for Dead Cells

clean cut game update is available free for dead cells on linux mac and windows pc

Clean Cut game update is available free for Dead Cells on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the developer Motion Twin. Available on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store.

Dead Cells levels fighting enemies and bosses yet again. Now releasing new update for the game called Clean Cut and it has some unique new features.

One of the characters in the game The Tailor, is a stylist who helps you change the way your character looks. In this new Clean Cut update, we find out that The Tailor has a daughter who is really good at doing hair. And she has a special talent for using hair to fight enemies! You’ll get to use two new weapons inspired by hair styling tools: the Sewing Scissors and the Giant Comb. The Sewing Scissors are huge scissors that can kill all enemies instantly if just one of them is weak enough to be defeated by a regular attack. The Giant Comb is a weapon that deals extra damage to enemies when they’re in the air. Linux players can launch them into the air with your first hit and then follow up with some powerful attacks while they’re still in the air.

The Tailor’s daughter can also give your character a new hairstyle. If you’ve ever played the game on Linux, you know that your character is a headless person with flames on their neck. But with this new Clean Cut update, you can change the flames to a “Bobby” style. It might not seem like a big deal, but it’s a fun way to show off your new hairdo while you’re fighting enemies.

Clean Cut update brings a Speedrun Mode:

The new Clean Cut update includes a “Speedrun Mode” adds an in-game timer. This is a tool that helps players keep track of how long it takes them to finish the game. So, if you’re someone who loves to race against the clock, this new feature will be perfect for you. You can now easily and accurately measure how fast you can complete the game on Linux.

In this Clean Cut update also lets players will have more control over the Boss Rush mode. You can now pick which bosses you want to fight. So you can practice fighting specific tough enemies in a row.

Plus, the three horrid bosses from Return to Castlevania will be in Boss Rush mode. Along with brand new abilities that will make the fights even more intense. To help you prepare for these bosses, the Training Room has also has an upgrade. You can practice fighting each of the bosses from Return to Castlevania with any weapon you want.

To make Clean Cut changes even more exciting, the Beheaded’s mutations have also been updated. For example, the Combo mutation now has a combo meter. This means that if you keep hitting enemies in a row within a 2.5 second window, your damage will increase greatly. This can make fights much easier if you can pull off a good combo.

Disengagement sees a big change:

The Disengagement mutation has also sees a change. Previously having a cooldown, but now, it can only save your life once per biome. This means players will have to be more careful not to get hit by enemies.

Overall, this Clean Cut update is perfect for Linux players who like a challenge. With the new DIY Boss Rush mode, you can face only the bosses you want to fight and practice specific strategies for each one. And with the enhanced bosses and updated mutations, you’ll have to be at your best to beat them all. So, get ready to fight hard in Dead Cells.

And finally, the Clean Cut update also includes three bosses from Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania. These bosses have been added to the Boss Rush Mode, which means you can fight them all one after the other to see how far you can get. Check out the full changelog here.

So if you’re a fan of Dead Cells, you’ll certainly want to check out the Clean Cut update. It adds some great new features to an already great game. And if you’ve never played Dead Cells on Linux before, give it a try. Available on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store. Priced at $24.99 USD / £21.99 / 24,99€. Which is also Steam Deck Verified.

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