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ClickRaid2 new MMO releases on Early Access

clickraid2 new mmo releases on early access in linux mac windows pc games

ClickRaid2 MMO releases in Early Access games for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. A debut release from developer Slikey Games. Now available on Steam. Should you be partial to voxel style MMO adventure. Which also has Positive reviews.

ClickRaid2 will have you choose between 13 heroes. Since you can either play in a party of six. While you work to upgrade you skills, gain gems and fight bosses.
Just grab some friends, make a party, kill mobs and bosses. Then hunt for treasure chests. You can also collect shards, gold and ancient scrolls to upgrade. Including gems, skills and ancient texts.
Since each of the 13 classes unique features and skills. With a max party size of 6, enjoy finding a which classes you like. Which depends on how you like your action. Choose from Warrior, Bard, Berzerker, Cleric and Druid. An Enchanter, Monk, Necromancer, Nomad, Occultist, Ranger, Rogue and Wizard.

ClickRaid2 is a charming experience. Where you kill mobs on each floor. And of course also receive passive gold. And increase your overall damage through the Bounty Hunt.
Bounty Hunt is automatic will slowly increase your characters overall damage. While increasing the gold you receive from mobs and bosses alike.

Kill bosses on each stage ClickRaid2 to continue. Killing these bosses also drops Blue Shards and Ancient Scrolls. These blue shards allow you to craft and upgrade gems. Since Gems can increase your attack. Also your crit and even your healing.
There are 8 different gems to choose from. Since they all cost the same amount to craft. Upgrading gems slowly increases the cost of Blue Shards. While Ancient Scrolls allow you to upgrade ancient texts. Both for yourself and the server.

ClickRaid2 Early Access Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Ancient texts gives you the chance to upgrade key features. So things like Defense Penetration and Enhance your armour.
For the server you can make the journey through lower levels faster. Simply by adding texts to a server wide pot. Which also makes you skip to treasure rooms through the stages. Once the tier reaches 100 ancient texts. You can then enter survival rooms after prestiging. Making the journey through lower levels faster. Each tier encompasses 10 floors.

Prestige to start over in ClickRaid2. While your character level and skill levels are all reset. You do keep your gems. Although they do scale down with floor levels.

The trade of here, you enjoy a server wide battle. While you face off against a hard boss once per hour. Working to get Red shards, gold and boss seals. Boss seals are another way to increase your characters skill damage. Since Red shards allow you to instantly upgrade gems. Instead of waiting for the crafting to complete.

Since the whole ClickRaid2 voxel MMO releases in Early Access. This means changes are in effect. Priced at $19.99 USD. The games available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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