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Climbros a new retro climbing arcade game

climbros a new retro climbing arcade game for linux windows pc

Climbros a new retro climbing arcade game for Windows PC, looking at Linux too. Thanks to developer Toucan Studio. The game just recently went live on Steam. And naturally, we reached out for details on a port.

Climbros lets the player take on the journey solo or in a team. Since this is more of a unique arcade game. Due to it’s retro feel. Taking players on a journey of climbing walls in various locations.

Developed by Toucan Studio. Climbros takes players on a one of a kind journey. While you face challenging and amazing peaks. Skyscrapers, treetops in the middle of a wild jungle. Maybe a classic mountain scene. These are only a few of the locations that await the fearless pixel mountain climbers.
This not something you would typically see for a game. Reaching out for Linux support proved to be interesting.

Our previous game Selma and the Wisp had Linux and MacOS versions.

Toucan also go on to explain that Unity 3D is used for development. And since the studios previous title has support. The team are looking at a Linux version “in the near future”. Since Climbros just releasted on Steam. The dev’s are working on any bug fixes.

Climbros Official Trailer

Climbros has no limits when it comes to picking the next goal. Proving that reaching any peak can be an amazing adventure. This 2D arcade game will allow you to play in two different modes. Either single or multiplayer, since both preset a true challenge.

During climbing, players will encounter many events. Unusual locations are a given. But there are also boss fights on the way to the top. The developers have added some unique gameplay elements to the experience. During each Climbros playthrough, players will have to find their own way to the top. While using mechanics such as swinging or jumping.

In the co-op mode (up to 4 players) the game takes a different angle. And doing so this way, you will have to depend on each other. Playing in shared split screen or Remote Play Together. Since one mistake can cost team their chance of getting to the top. Trust and cooperation are the key to success. The role of each character is equally significant. The goal can only be reached through joint effort. First learning how to climb together.


  • diverse locations – asteroids, huge trees and skyscrapers
  • solo or in a team – depend on your own Climbros strategy. Or trust your friends and climb the top when playing together (up to 4 players)
  • boss fights on different stages of the game
  • retro feeling – soundtrack and graphic design inspired by classic games
  • different styles of climbing (effective or attractive) – it is up to the player what his journey will look like

Climbros the retro climbing arcade game is available for Windows PC. Also due to arrive on Linux soon. Although there is not release date yet. There is a 20% discount available until March 17th. Should you want to play using Proton.

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