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Closed Alpha releases for EVERSPACE 2

closed alpha releases for everspace 2 on windows pc and has a demo for linux

Closed Alpha releases for EVERSPACE 2 on Windows PC, with Linux coming after the games full release. But thanks to developer ROCKFISH Games. The prototype build certainly works well using Proton on Steam.

ROCKFISH are releasing the Closed Alpha of EVERSPACE 2 on Steam. They are also giving more than 1,200 Kickstarter supporters an early hands-on experience. While including content planned for the game’s Steam Early Access. Due to arrive in December.
At this time, Closed Alpha keys are only available as prizes on the ROCKFISH Games Friday streams. Or media partner events such as CohhCarnage’s charity stream on GCXEvent. Which are going on now.

“Creating large open-world games with skill based second to second gameplay. Complex player progression can be a beast as there are so many different ways. Playing through the story campaign while also free roaming. And doing side missions or mini-jobs in any given order. With a myriad of possible loadouts at the players’ disposal,” said Michael Schade, CEO at ROCKFISH Games; “Following the great results of working exclusively with our most committed fans on the predecessor’s pre-release. We very much look forward to daring pilots taking the closed Alpha of EVERSPACE 2 for a spin. Sharing their experience to help us nail the core game before we go into Beta and Steam Early Access, later this year.”

EVERSPACE 2 Alpha Planetary Combat Gameplay Trailer

The Closed Alpha gives players access to approximately 10 hours of gameplay. Including a story beat and free exploration. Which is also coming together in the first star system’s boss fight. In addition to new Ship Devices and Ultimate Abilities. Players will be able to explore the all new pilot and companion perk system.

While pilot perks are level-based. Companion perks can lock through various resources players gather along their journey.

Through main storyline content and scripted side missions. There are even various jobs. So that players will be able to reach the Closed Alpha cap of level 10. New ships, NPCs, and equipment are available for players to discover. While they explore even more regions in space, planetary locations, and cave systems. All playable in the game’s first solar system.

There are lots of hand crafted locations to discover in the first solar system. Some won’t even be on the players’ radar until they stumble over them.

The Closed Alpha is English only. There are certainly plans to localize in French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. Not to mention Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean at full release. Quality story cutscenes and text to speech mission dialogues will serve as placeholders until Steam Early Access.

EVERSPACE 2 is due to reach Closed Beta in Fall 2020. Early Access of EVERSPACE 2 on Steam is coming this December 2020. While the full version for Linux, Mac and Windows PC is due to release in Q1 2022. A demo version of the game featuring early content from the game. This is available as a free download on Steam. Also part of the Steam Game Festival, Summer Edition. Which should be deliciously playable on Linux.

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