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CLUNKY HERO new metroidvania hits Kickstarter

clunky hero platformer metroidvania game hits kickstarter with a demo for linux mac windows pc

CLUNKY HERO platformer metroidvania game is doing well on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC with a Demo. Thanks to developer Chaosmonger Studio. The crowdfunding campaign recently released and doing well. Due to raise €12,500 ($13,700 USD) by June 15 2020 12:59 PM EDT.

CLUNKY HERO is a story driven, platformer metroidvania game. From the developers of ENCODYA. But certainly something completely different. With a touch of RPG and tons of humor. Since the gameplay design is for gamers who love a platformer with a strong storyline. Where you can also talk with characters and solve side quests. Find and buy items, change weapons and wearables. With great hand drawn looking backgrounds. While coming with a very comical vibe.

The developers think of CLUNKY HERO is a blend between the gameplay of Hollow Knight. With the humor mimicking elements of a card game like Munchkin. Check out the trailer below as well as a Demo to play the game.

CLUNKY HERO – Kickstarter Trailer

The CLUNKY HERO story begins in a village far, far away. Where a dull peasant named Rufus lives an ordinary life. Since the boss of the household is his wife, Brunilde. She is a strong smart and funny woman you can’t exactly call “pretty”. But somehow, as a result, life is happy in the village. At least until one day, where some magical mistake comes alive. Likewise, this Evil One sends his minions around town, performing awful acts against the people. The worst of which is the kidnapping of Brunilde. Who is torn from Rufus’ hands and put into a prison at the Evil One’s castle. Then magically turns into a blonde duck faced doll of a girl. So that she spends all her time staring at herself in a small handheld mirror.

Eager to win her back, Rufus makes a helmet out of a bucket. Most noteworthy picks a broom as a weapon. So now everyon calls him the CLUNKY HERO. But he might also be the only hope to defeat the evil one. Since no one else wants to call him by his name. Rufus is now on his journey to save his wife and the whole village!


  • 25+ Levels
  • 15+ Interiors
  • 6 Skills
  • 6+ Weapons
  • 20+ Side Quests
  • 30+ Consumables
  • 10+ Magic Items
  • 10+ Bosses
  • 20+ NPCs
  • 30+ Types of Enemies

CLUNKY HERO platformer metroidvania is due to release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. With a release date of March 2021. S be sure to check out the crowdfunding campaign for details.

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